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Penkhull Village Brass consists of a diverse team of competent, committed and experienced players.

We would like you to get to know them better

Gary Standeven MCGI LRSM




Gary started to learn the cornet aged 8 under the expert tuition of former Royal Doulton euphonium player Derrick Deakin. He played Solo cornet in various bands including Hanley/Stoke Brass and Wind Bands, Staffordshire County Youth Brass Band and Ceramic City Brass.


He joined the Royal Marines Band Service at Deal in Kent in September 1986 and spent the next 26 and a half years studying music and travelling extensively, playing for British Royalty and foreign dignitaries at exclusive and exotic locations around the globe.


Gary retired from the Royal Marines Band Service as a Warrant Officer Bandmaster and moved back to Stoke On Trent in April 2012.  One thing we have learned is that for a former oboe player he's one hell of a good musician and a brilliant guy to have in your corner.  Ask him any question and he will have an answer for you; it's not the usual rubbish the rest of us come out with either - oh yeah, he's one of the '3 Amigos' too.


A founder member of PVB, he is currently a Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages based at Stoke Civic Centre. Gary has a grown up daughter and son and lives in Trent Vale.

Glynn Lewis


(Band Manager)


Glynn is Managing Director of his family roofing business and enjoys gardening and baking. Let's just say we all LOVE Glynn, especially at birthday time when he brings in a cake.  Glynn started playing just before the band was formed and is one of the founding fathers of PVB.  A word of warning to our audiences, be aware of his laugh! When he gets the giggles there's little that will stop him and you will probably end up joining in too!




Andy Walker


Matthew Aplin


Phil Vyse


Marc Thӧnnissen



Marc joined us in May 2017 after moving to the area with work. Originally from Meerbusch near Dusseldorf he has a wealth of musical experience, having perfomed in the Flora Sinfonie Orchester, marching bands, dance and cover bands, brass quintet and even better - Egerlander Oompah Band!  

Clearly someone who relishes dressing up to suit the occasion, we just know Marc will settle in well and enjoy performing our varied and entertaining repertoire. Here he is sporting his recent new hairstyle!



Jamie Bilson


Mark Preece



Mark played Cornet and Trumpet at school and was in Moulton Village Band near Northapmton when it formed in 1977.  Occasionally tinkering on the Trumpet more off than on over the years, he went to a brass band concert in 2016 and was inspired to buy a cornet and start practising again - painful for the family and neighbours after a 25 year break!

Conservation Officer Mark saw the advert for PVB's new training band in 2017 and turned up to find out more. He is really enjoying the wide variety of music and open and friendly atmosphere and banter.  His ambition one day is to be able to sight-read music.



Deborah McAndrew



Deb is an actor and playwright, best known for playing Angie Freeman in Coronation Street in the 1990's.  She is co-counder and Creative Director of the Stoke On Trent based Claybody Theatre Company and a visiting lecturer of Drama and Theatre Arts at Staffordshire University.

Deb joined us in January 2017 after coming to our Christmas concert - enjoying the style of music that we played along with the relaxed format of the event so much that she wanted a piece of the action.

Her most recent theatrical venture is an adaptation of Dickens' 'Hard Times' and she has just been announced as the next Chancellor of Leeds Trinity University - "A very proud day".

The best part of band rehearsals according to Deb is the "great cuppa at break-time!"

Rob Morrey




Deb Clarke


Helen Wilcox


Julian Perks


Claire Shepherd

Flugel Horn

(Kids Band Tutor)


Claire has a backgound as an industrial chemist, specifically in waste management. Her musical education began as a baritone player in the Salvation Army.  Now a private tutor, specialising in Science and Mathematics, she runs our youngsters training band, ably assisted by Lou, Phil, Isabel and Anna (when available). Claire also has her own online business catering for a very niche pet supply market - Totally Degu! As we found out on our band ZOOM quiz nights during lockdown, if you want a Ninja-standard science round that sorts out the wheat from the chaff, Claire is the one to ask! Any spare time she has is spent hunting for her adopted escapologist tortoise called Xena.


Sue Graham

Solo Horn

David Cross

Tenor Horn

(Media Officer)


David joined the training band in January 2017 after a long break from playing, and feels very at-home.  Previously a French Horn player (which we have not held against him!) he has picked up the Tenor Horn -  under Lou's careful and patient guidance he quickly joined the main band and hasn't looked back since.  David has even devised his own special jazz chord notes which he occasionally puts in to amuse the second Cornets!

A chemist by training, David can often be found walking his dogs in the beautiful Staffordshire Moorlands or watching a rugby match, pint in hand.

Nicola Bowers

Tenor Horn

David Chapman


Conrad Nelson



Conrad is an actor, composer and musical director, and was Artistic Director of the Northern Broadsides Theatre Company until 2019.  His film credits include Much Ado About Nothing, Apparitions and The Flea, theatre roles include Iago in the Northern Broadsides productionof Othello when Lenny Henry played the lead, and Leontes in the company's 2015 The Winter's Tale which he also directed. He is married to Debbie and enjoys choir, ballroom dancing and lavishing attention on their gorgeous young dog, Mabel.



Phil Wileman


Isabel Hawkins




Isabel is the youngest member of the ensemble and joined our training band in February 2017 after her family saw us busking in Hanley town centre the previous Christmas.

She has settled in really well and we were very pleased to congratulate her on passing the Grade 2 music exam with merit during summer 2017 - clearly a young lady with a very bright musical future (and a soft spot for lime green candy floss!)

Carl Talbot

Bass Trombone

(Players & Welfare Representative)


Following a full career in the Royal Signals, Carl is now an estimator in the construction industry.  His musical grounding was in the local area with various youth bands like several other members of the band. He has also passed on his considerable military experience as a cadet instructor.  In his spare(!) time Carl's hobbies are sailing, attending rock concerts and collecting all manner of guitars.

Louise Cooper

Euphonium (was Tenor Horn)



You're quite lucky that we have a picture of Lou, she's as elusive as an Amazonian Tribal Elder.  The 'horn' in the 6 cornets and a horn who formed PVB, Lou has a wicked sense of humour with a very loving and gentle touch - yep she keeps the 'blokes' in order.  Lou has kept her traditional banding up and still plays for Rode Silver Band, ask her which she prefers and you'd only get a smile in return; one thing we do know she has a wonderful sound even if the trombones try and drown her out sometimes!

Anna Wileman


Chris Reynolds



Chris is a multi-talented musician and in addition to teaching and playing brass is the bass guitarist for local band The Sherry Counsellors. I'm sure there's some Romany in there somewhere; look at his hat collection!!  Chris is currently a peripatetic music teacher in Staffordshire but is also a qualified Geography teacher!  Another real joker, Chris has found a happy home with this bunch of misfits and loves the music we are playing, along with his slightly rusty but beautiful Mini Cooper.

Phillipa Boit


Marcus Bushe

Euphonium ( Was EEb Tuba)


We said a tearful farewell to Marcus in September 2016 as his Mum popped him onto the train to the South Coast.  Marcus has run off to join... the Royal Marines Band Service.  Marcus is another rugby man (where do they all come from?) and if you ever see this man mountain you'll know why.  That said Marcus is very quiet and thoughtful but there's a cheeky side underneath ready to pounce.  We always look forward to seeing Marcus on the odd occasions he is home on leave to visit family for a catch up on his progress, and of course, a pint!

Update May 2021 - after transferrinng to the British Army, Marcus is now based locally and we are very pleased that he will be able to join us on a more frequent basis! Welcome home...

Thomas Evans

EEb Tuba



Tilly Pazio

EEb Tuba


Well we all love the deep rich sound that Tilly makes on her tuba but perhaps what we love more than that is Tilly's deep knowldege of real ale!  It doesn't matter where we are playing, Tilly always knows which beer we should try first and there's usually a queue for her expert tuition.  Now I don't know what makes somebody want to play the tuba (especially as I hated carrying a trumpet case up the hill to school) but I know we are glad to have Tilly supporting the band with her bass so if you see her trudging up the hill to Penkhull, stop and give her a hand!


Alan Chaplain-Payne

BBb Tuba


'Big Al' is the scholar of the band - apparently he must be because he drives a library!  He is a typical bass player, a jolly face and rosy cheeks from all that blowing; it makes for some wonderfully comical expressions but never let it be said that a bass player will follow a conductor or drummer in a band - Alan, like the rest of his section knows the speed he is comfortable with and makes sure we all know it too.  If you ever want a delicate touch with a pinch of finesse on a huge bellowing instrument - look no further!

Update May 2021 - Alan has swapped his mobile library for a milk tanker and is enjoying the scenery on his new routes.

Malcolm Glanister

BBb Tuba

Kim Warburton

Bb Bass


Michael Lloyd


Jon Howell

Auxilliary Percussion



Sam Johnson

Auxilliary Percussion



Beverley Smith

Tuned Percussion


If as a child you were forced to sit and watch a John Wayne Western you will have heard Bev's signature rhythm, the dead donkey.  When all else fails, when we have no Glockenspeil part, no spare bass part and no other inspiration, dead donkey it is and it works beautifully with some of our Oompah - who would have thought it?  For a percussionist Bev is a rather good saxophonist but we are STILL trying to persuade her to bring it along and play The Simpsons for us. She is also classically trained as a vocalist and still performs with some of the UK's top choirs.

Hans Offen Meine Nuts

Oompah Band Mascot


Hans (formerly know as "Bear") was officially christened by audience member Basil Hoover in a competition at our Oktobeerfest in 2016.  There were some excellent suggestions but the team thought the full name came out on top just ahead of Bear Necessity!


Hans was born in Erlangen, Stoke on Trent's twin town in Bavaria and he is currently studying music and Potteries Dialect.


He has tried to play a number of instruments in the band but his best effort so far has to be on the drums with Johnny as his tutor.  That said he is most famous for his photo bombing...

Training Band 2017

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